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BookMyShow India : Brand Campaigns

Creative Lead, India : 2020 - 2021

While BookMyShow is India’s largest entertainment company, it faced a challenge ahead in 2020. Over the past 12 years, it had successfully changed user behaviour across the country. People in India for the first time had moved from standing in queues to booking tickets online, be it for movies, shows, music festivals or other live experiences. It then began producing live events and created new business verticals.

But as competition loomed, it was clear that it’s communication strategy going forward needed to reflect more than tactical benefits and discount offers. This was the exciting challenge for me when I was brought in as the Creative Lead. I aimed to establish a point of view as a brand, create work that was relatable, that built an emotional bond with the audience. Below are some pieces of marketing communication, seasonal campaigns and creatives. 

Creative Lead and Research: Shirin Johari / Copywriter : Meeti Shroff Shah / Editor: Tejasvi Bhosale

In December 2020, pandemic restrictions in India were gradually lifted for live events, around Christmas and New Year’s. As India’s leading ticketing platform,  BookMyShow’s marketing faced the dual challenge of communincating both -  ‘exciting out-of-home experiences’ and ‘safety’. We created a campaign that hit a sweet spot. 

And social Media saw some extentions too:

Creative Lead and Art Direction: Shirin Johari / Copywriter : Meeti Shroff Shah / Design: Namrata Gosavi

You can also view creative work for Stream - BookMyShow‘s new video-on-demand platform curating handpicked global cinema, original merchandise created for BookMyShow Fanhood and ‘Santa-Doctor Surprise’ a heartwarming campaign that went popular on Christmas 2020 during the pandemic.

On Mother’s Day we went beyond a traditional mundane wish. We created a meaningful, interactive experience with a Pop Quiz on a special website for that week. And the BookMyShow audience saw themselves having surprising conversations with their mums, hearing new stories and even competing with their siblings! Well, go ahead, check out how you would fare!

Push Notifications and Digital banners spread the word.

Creative Lead and Art Direction: Shirin Johari / Copywriter : Ahana Chowdhry / Additional Design : Namrata Gosavi / Digital Developer : Mandar Shirke

With India getting ready for another unlock phase in March 2021 (well, that was before the second-wave hit), BookMyShow had to prepare announcing the comeback of the performing arts - plays, theatre, comedy shows, musicals, the stage. We created a festival, a unique identity and a campaign to bring alive the love for the stage.

Push Notifications for the audience
Creative Lead, Art Direction: Shirin Johari / Copywriter : Siddhartha Menon, Aamir Rangwala / Design : Namrata Gosavi 

Pride Month : June 2021
How does a brand that has its largest audience-base as cinema lovers embrace the rainbow?

Creative Lead, Art Direction: Shirin Johari / Copywriter : Aamir Rangwala / Design : Namrata Gosavi

BookMyShow’s charitable wing, BookASmile, has a special focus on the development of underpreviliged children in the fields of sports, filmmaking and performing arts.

When we had an opportunity to fund and brand a series of basketball courts across Maharashtra, India, we observed the cultural dynamics of the areas. In a society that favours the male gender from a very young age, we made sure to create visual stimuli showing both genders playing like equals. To further boost morale on the field and keep the court designs interactive, we integrated a height chart within.

Creative Lead: Shirin Johari  /  Illustration : Saurabh Padhye

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