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 BookMyShow India : Santa-Doctor Surprise

2020 December saw a Christmas where hospitals were overworked and doctors’ shifts couldn’t change. Conceptualising Santa-themed PPEs and the campaign #loveboostshealth, I worked with the charity wing of BookMyShow to produce a 90sec film that instantly grew popular on YouTube, social media and the press.

BookASmile had committed to efforts to spread over 2,36,000 smiles amongst the underprivileged and frontline workers through focussed initiatives. The #LoveBoostsHealth campaign which rolled out as a film, features a doctor and his team surprising young and old patients by arriving in a ‘Santa PPE’ kit while his able team arrive dressed as ‘Elves in PPEs’ handing over not just medicines for the day but also some gifts and whole lot of love and cheer.

The film shot to capture events as they unfolded in real time in a city-based hospital, capturing children and old patients’ surprise and joy over the #LoveBoostsHealth initiative, reinforcing the extent of impact, some kindness, positivity and a giving heart can have when it comes to health for all of us. Especially those that remain in medical care centres.

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