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With Ogilvy & Mather, India.

In September 2007, Hutch, India's fourth-largest mobile service provider, was renamed Vodafone.
It was exciting to be part of the creative team working on Hutch’s migration to Vodafone brand.
And over the next 3 and a half years, continuing to help build brand Vodafone in India.

One of the campaigns that was phenomenal to be part of, that is now a case study in its success, was the ZooZoos. Working with Rajiv Rao and team since its conceptualisation for 2 years, this went on to connect instantly with the audience and continue to capture hearts over the next 10 years.

ZooZoos are white creatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads who are used to promote various value added services of Vodafone. Simple scripts. Simple promise. Simple delivery - that was its beauty. These characters are played by human actors in body suits. We first launched this campaign during the IPL (Indian Premier League).

Vodafone Prepaid Talktime Cards
For Vodafone Prepaid mobile numbers across India.

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TEDx, Mumbai 2016 : Classrooms, Bagpackers and a Revolution
• ISDI Parsons School of Design and Innovation 2020 : There’s a Hack for Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence
• Reliance Foundation Hospitals and Research Centre at SORC, Festival
of Orthopedics, 2019 :
The Anatomy of Intuition
• TEDx Unplugged, Mumbai 2019 :
The Trick to Cultivating Eureka Moments in your Career.
• Symbiosis University, as Chief Guest, Pune 2017
• Startup Chile, Santiago 2015
• Creative Beta Mornings, Mumbai 2013

I work with

Organisations and individuals who seek to create positive change and impact on scale through lateral thinking, innovation and design.
While creating enlightening, engaging and entertaining work.
And with those who believe in revolutionising and in shaping new cultural landscapes of society.

Other things I love

User Experience Design
Installation art
Urban planning
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Product innovation

Film / cinema / video

Behavioural Design
Circular economy
Oceans / environment
Scuba diving

Swimming with the whales in the wild
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