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Galla : Mango Nectar

Galla Foods was launching its Thick Mango Nectar.
The thought while designing was, what if Galla’s corporate identity could in some way demonstrate the best part about the product? The fruit.

Special mango flavoured glue was applied on the seal of the envelopes, making Galla’s corporate communication appeal to not just people’s visual senses, but also their sense of taste. Made in consultation with the Flavour Dynamics Institute of India, it was a fun and innovative device that guaranteed making the corporate communication a constant reminder of the product itself.

This design took the product right into cubicles and turned the mundane task of sending a letter into something more fun. People were in for a pleasant surprise when they unexpectedly encountered ‘the mango surprise’ as part of their corporate stationery. It was memorable and a big success with the employees

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• ISDI Parsons School of Design and Innovation 2020 : There’s a Hack for Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence
• Reliance Foundation Hospitals and Research Centre at SORC, Festival
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• TEDx Unplugged, Mumbai 2019 :
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• Symbiosis University, as Chief Guest, Pune 2017
• Startup Chile, Santiago 2015
• Creative Beta Mornings, Mumbai 2013

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