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Animal Vision

Animal Vision is an interactive app that lets one pick an animal and view the world LIVE through its eyes.

Why is that amazing?
We tend to extend our perspective to what we think animals are feeling. Often, we're wrong.
Because animals see the world differently from us. Dogs can only see in blue and yellow, bees in hexagonal components, while horses have a blind spot right in front of them!

‘Animal Vision’ brings one, a step closer to empathising with ones pets and this fascinating kingdom we co-inhibit the world with. After months of research into the visual universe of animals with zoologist Adithi Murlidharan, this prototype was created for BBC Knowledge. It lets one explore visions of 8 animals and thus understand the perception of 68 others with similar vision.

Moreover, users can also record and share pictures and videos of the world as seen by their pets or a wild animal.
Animal Vision aims to build empathy, brings in a new spin to edutainment and creative activities in schools, while transforming everyday pictures into fun stories.

Created with DDB Mudra : 2013


TEDx, Mumbai 2016 : Classrooms, Bagpackers and a Revolution
Symbiosis University, as Chief Guest, Pune 2017
Startup Chile, Santiago 2015
Creative Beta Mornings, Mumbai 2013

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